I had to say it!

Only because my phone is currently on a contract, and I didn't want to end the contract to get the iPhone 4. But my plan is to get the iPhone 5... when it's released.

Do people think Apple are already working on it? What features could be expected?

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I don't think Apple will launch its iphone5 so soon, iphone4 has just arrived in the market and its not been so older.

The time between announcements of new products is getting smaller and smaller... for Apple in particular. I think they'll announce a new model as early as next year.

They are working on it for sure, though I heard the iPhone 4 White ersion has been nixed due to color matching issues. The iPhone 5 has to do some great things though. Why is it that 4 only lets you do facetime with Wifi only yet the HTC phones can do it off the network? Bad move Apple..

i got a iphone4 from my friend on my birthday .i like it very much it is really good for use and contains many wonderful functions
i don't think the iphone5 will be launched soon but i am looking forwards it

its gonna take a long time to release iphone4 because its not challenged yet

hope they launch iPhone 5 soon since the 4 really is not that good as I expectd from an apple product

The whole iPhone concept is becoming pretty commonplace now that other brands have caught up. The only real improvement of the iPhone over the other brands of phones out there is the more apps and better styling. Plus the iPhone 4 didn't really improve much over 3GS, so I think Mac is going to wait until they can blow away the competitors before they release 5. Plus, I may be wrong but I'm thinking the whole facetime only with WiFi was AT&T's doing as their wireless network couldn't support the massive amounts of data.

Wanted to bump this thread because I heard the iPhone 5 is going to be release sometime in May/June? Is this correct? My office is buzzing with excitement!

When iphone 5 is release i doubt that there will be new features, maybe just an upgraded version of the iphone 4. Well i am an apple fan so might contain my excitement for now until iphone 5 release, i just don't want to be disspointed when there are no new features although i am prepare for it. about when iphone 5 will release it will be release maybe in the mid year or maybe delayed by a month. After hearing this, my friends are all also buzzing with excitement.

I am waiting for iphone5 now,soon it will be launched.

They might be working on it because this is usually top secret and the name might not be iphone 5!

There are rumors of it being released sometime in 2012

Expecting a feature that never try other company before.

Apple iPhone 4S is good device but as iPhone 4 user I don't think I am going to buy iPhone 4 only for siri. I am waiting for iPhone 5 which will come with 4G/LTE support.

I think in few days we can get i phone 5 in the market.I already have a iphone 4 but anxiously waitng for 5.

Can't wait for Iphone5 also,
still, I think they will wait for at least few months more to see how people react on 4S version...
So my prediction is that it'll come between April and July

Apple does not reveal the exact specifications and features until the device is officially unveiled and hope they launch Iphone5 Soon.

iphone 5 should be released soon because if Apple want to remain in market then it should release iphone 5 with better specs than samsung Galaxy

expecting soon but me want to buy iphone 4s but me in pak nd there is heavy cost about this model,,,,,,

First thing is attracking me is a new design to the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 could be thinner than the iPhone 4S and second is having a bigger display. Just as the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S were given fast processors, it appears that the iPhone 5 will also get a faster processor.

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