Hi guys,

I recently bought used Apple machine G4, Specs are:
800 MHz
DVD Drive

The problems is that it does n't has Os installed just an little icon displays.

Anyone can help me on this..from where I can find OS and how can I install on it.


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The most important thing for you to figure out is if your computer has an Intel or a Power PC processor, crack your computer if you need to but you need to be 100% sure. if you are running a Intel processor than you can go ahead and get snowleopard at http://www.apple.com/macosx/specs.html,

if however you are running a Power PC (ppc) processor you cannot buy an OS higher than 10.4 because of your processor you should be able to order 10.4 over the phone or do some digging on ebay.

also there are a lot of great ppc linux distros available at http://penguinppc.org/about/distributions.php

If you are getting an icon on your boot screen and no HD is found then hold the "C" key to optionally boot to another disk [ CD or HD ]. If this does not show the boot volume you might be in some trouble.

Try holding down the left shift key while booting which brings you into safe boot. Safe boot will do a disk integrity check for you while booting.

If you still have issues reinstall the OS, from disk. As jordan0420 said you will be limited to your install version on a G4 but you can actually install OSX 10.5 on a G4. I can verify this as I have it running on my backup computer an old G4 powerbook.

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