I have brought a new mac and would like to sync my iPhone content with the new mac (i.e. contact, calendar, apps and etc..) As the the first sync will erase all contents from my iPhone, is there any way to avoid it. If the iPhone backup has been performed on the old PC, can I restore all the content from the backup if the content was erased during sync with the new mac. Please advise.

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Log-in in to your iTunes account on your new Mac and then sync as normal. You'll be asked if you want to copy stuff from your iPhone to Mac (which you probably want to do) and then you should be able to continue as normal. Remember to authorize your new Mac with your iTunes account as well.

It's true that you can use the iTune application to creat a backup file of iPhone data. But there are some disadvantages of using iTunes as it conducts the process very slowly and also doesn't ensure complete backup file creation. Instead of using iTunes it is recommended to use a third party iPhone backup software that ensure secure an complete backup creation of iPhone data. This tool backup all iPhone data including contacts, emails, tasks, sms, and several other essential data. In case if you meet data loss situation then use iPhone data recovery software to recover the lost data......

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You can backup iPhone contacts to Mac with iCloud. Go to "Settings">"iCloud" and log in your Apple id. Once it is done, Toggle the "Contacts" slider ON. It will be green when enabled. This will automatically back up all of your iPhone contacts from your Contacts app to your iCloud storage.

You can use iTunes and iCloud to back up. For example,right click on the device in iTunes > Backup. Doesn't it work or you can refer to iPhone Transfer tutorial ,which included transferring iPhone SMS/contacts and other contents to computer/iTunes.it may help you .Besides, i like to share you a page about how to transfer contents from iphone to pc, which included transferring iPhone SMS/contacts and other contents to Mac/iTunes. Thus, you can backup iPhone contents to a new Mac.

Maybe you can try the iCloud.

In case you lose your important data, I suggest that you make backups in 3 ways:iTunes, icloud and the third party app.

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