Children are often curious for sexually-explicit content and they may visit porn websites or chat with bad guys on MSN/AIM/Yahoo Messenger online.

Parents are responsible for their children’s safety and being urged to remain vigilant over what internet websites their children may visit.

Currently many parents have rules on what websites their children can visit, but most of the parents havn’t realized the urgency.

It is necessary to install computer monitoring software to monitor websites visited by children, and prevent them from giving out personal information, talking to strangers, or using email and instant messaging to chat with bad guys.

Most of the parents installed the below parental control software to monitor websites visit by their children:

Parents should talk to their children about the sites they visit and the potential risks involved to protect them

sounds good,there are more pornographic information on the internet,so i iinstall SentryPC to protect my boy , and have a good effect

i accept to this.
its very important to monitor.and if possible try to block offensive sites.

you can try <snip>

I use <SNIP>. It helps me to monitor network activity on my comp.

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