Is there any good web browsers to introduce?

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i'd just recommend firefox, especially the new firefox 4 beta. they're up to the 11th beta version, i think, and it's realy great. stable and it runs everything.

the only thing that safari has on it, in my experience, is that it's easier to go to ssecure websites whose certificate, for whatever reason, has changed since your last visit. for me, this means my router every time i reboot it, and maybe a banking site or two every so often.

i don't use any other, don't think i've tried any others on mac. not worth it, IMO.

Hi tje210 see you again,

Well i see you have more post now. I have heard of firefox beta 4 and wanted to download but it take a long time. Do you think google chrome is good.

Chrome is ok, but it doesn't really add anything to my experience. FireFox works great for me, so there isn't really a need to change.

I've use FireFox for severak years. It's very stable and has improved over the year, but has become a little big.
Since a couple of months I bega to use Safari, also very good, quick and more adapted to the mac UI.

Is camino ir flock good. My friends uses them and i wanted to check out if they are good?

Hello again from your other post on DOS.

I use Camino the most. Using it right now. It uses the same engine as Firefox, but is like a stripped down version of Firefox. Both Safari and Firefox use way too much memory for my tastes.
Opera is my second choice and use it often. I only use Safari and Firefox if I'm having trouble viewing certain sites that are overloaded with Flash and Java.
Tried Flock years ago and wasn't impressed enough to keep it.
Chrome has so many vulnerabilities posted often on Secunia's site, that I just don't even want to try it.

Good luck.

I totally coincide with Danarchy, Camino is a stripped down version of Firefox. I tried it for a couple of weeks, but returned to Firefox.
Pros: Consume a lot less RAM than Firefox (I measured it).
The UI (user interface) is more Mac-like, but not much, I prefer the elegance of Safari.

Cons: It has less tools and functionality than Firefox.
It's no really integrated with Mac environment.

I´ve not used Opera, but I'm trying Chrome on my job PC and found the programmers tried too hard to simplify the UI for my taste, it's a little difficult to get used to.

Ok thanks everyone. I will download Camino. Is it free and where can i download? Some sites when i go and click on the download nothing happen, is there another site to download camino


Doesn't get much easier than this. Pimp My Camino will let you personalize it, but I just find all that a bunch of clutter possibly leading to problems that you have to delete things until you find out what's causing the problem.
Maybe you Do need to do an Erase and Install, looking at all the problems you're having. Like the new one of no sound from your headphone port and your mention of clicking on links and not getting where you want to be.
I got some advice from a cpu and software 'senior advisor' at Apple Care, that had been a Windows user longer than I had been before switching to Apple. The less third party stuff, especially maintenance and cleaning utilities one puts on a Mac is better. Nothing like Windows that seems to be more geek friendly than user friendly, though the ignorant masses use Windows, and call me to fix their machines. I have to agree with him as my only local Mac friend has never used 3rd party utilities and has had no problems, unlike me who has tried many and had many problems.

Ok thanks i will follow your advice. I click on the link you post and it work. I am able to download camino. it seems i don't have to reinstall my mac any longer

Thanks to everyone who had been helping these few days

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