Hi all.
Some how or other I have started to get the, Bootcamp, icon on my desk top. It seems to be unmovable. Iv'e put it in the trash, I have ejected it Iv'e dragged and dropped it into the HD icon on the desktop. When I boot up every morning there it is again, on the desktop.
Please some one, how on earth do I put it were it belongs. It hasn't been there for the last eight months why should it suddenly be there now.

I'm using Snowleopard OS X 10.6.7

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Hi dogsbody, nice to see you again. Have you use before the bootcamp application? Go to Applications first. Next go to utilities. Click on bootcamp assistant. See whether can you use bootcamp assistant to remove it. Good luck


Hi jingda.
Thanks for that, you'v done it again. To be perfectly onset I'm not sure what I did but I have got rid of it.

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