is there anyone out there who can help me defrag this thing??? :mad:

is there anyone out there who can help me defrag this thing??? :mad:

OS X Defrags on the fly, so it's not really needed. Otherwise, if you really feel the need, how are you trying to do it?

hello yellow, being used to a pc rather than a mac, been searching for defrag prog, found norton defrag but not managed to install it properly, just wanted to know if there was any way i could do it as prog's running slow, A

1) There's no built-in defrag utility. And there's not too much out there.
2) Avoid ALL Norton products on Mac OS X. They cause far more problems than they're worth.

If you're experiencing "slowness", it's 99% more likely something else is the cause, rather than disk framentation.

However, if you really feel the need to defrag yourself, there's "Tech Tool Pro", which has a defrag utility, and there's "iDefrag".

Yeah, I'd assume it's something else too. In my experience slow performance was due to an errant process going haywire. Any particular application giving you problems? In the Applications/Utilities folder there's the Activity Monitor. You can view the running processes to see if any particular application is causing the problem.

Just a thought.

I don't know what version you are running, but the classic (OS 9.2) and MAYBE 10.0 - not sure - uses a "rebuild desktop". When you start up, before all your desktop "fluff" begins to appear, hold down your control-option-apple keys all at the same time. Keep holding them until the computer asks if you are sure you want to rebuild your desktop. Select "yes". It is very similar to defraging, and the longer it's been since you last rebuilt, the longer it will take - but usually only a couple minutes.

Hope this helps - Good Luck, Birdpatch

also get a programme called "macjanitor".
it will let you run basic maintinance routenes.
also "mac sweeper" same kind of thin only more involved