I bought a new macbook pro.. (june 2012) everything is fine .. but using Safari 5.1.7... Youtube videos are not working in safari.. Actually i want to download youtube videos (flv or mp4 files) and i searched everywhere people it is easy in safari..while the video is running on site.. just go to activity window and find the video file.. but i tried a lot even if video is running there is no any video file (no any files above 150kb in list)... Pls if any one can help..???

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It is a simple step, as long as someone is willing to pass the info on. Just right click or control click on the video and you will be presented with a drop down menu. Select download video and the video will download to your download folder.

Would you like to try MacTubes and Fastest Tube Safari extension (both free and works fine).

Any Update?

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