I need a way to prevent remote desktop on my shared mac without changing the system preferences, i do however have the ability to install programs, despite my inability to mess with preferences. preferably i would like to be able to turn it on and off at will. i know this is a ridiculous request. but i thought id throw out there.

Er i am not sure what you post is legal since turning off remote management is consider a hack. If i am allowed to help then, i will tell you what to do. hope you understand

er im not really trying to turn it off im just trying to avoid anyone hacking in that way as it happened to me last year and i simply want to prevent it without turning it off

Ok since you have stated i will help you with it. There are many ways

1) Is to disable remote management by turning it off
2) On your firewall and change the settings to block all incoming connections, this will block remote management from access to your laptop
3) You can go to and delete remote management system ( will cause you conputer to freeze often )
4) CAn change remote management settings. Go to system preference, select sharing. Scroll down and click on remote management then change the settings.

If you need more help just post, i will guide you more.