Forget the iPad here comes iPhone OS 4

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With the iPad dominating the news this weekend, what with the first units being delivered and then quickly jailbroken, you might think that there could be little in the tech world to upstage it, at least in terms of media frenzy, for a few days. However, it would appear that a press event set for April 8th is set to do just that. The surprising thing being that it's being held by Apple itself.

According to Engadget Apple is holding an invitation only press event at the Infinite Loop campus in Cupertino on the 8th. The invitation speaks of a 'sneak peek' at the 'next generation iPhone OS software' no less. Yes, it's iPhone OS 4 already! This could be fun, given that leaked reports at AppleInsider of proper multitasking coming in iPhone OS 4 have been doing the rounds recently.

Although, as we understand it, this is just an early teaser of what to expect, it does seem likely that Apple will want to get proper multitasking onto the iPad as soon as possible and OS 4 is the route to doing that. Indeed, perhaps this press event should come as no real surprise as it is really about the iPad after all - the iPhone just happens to run on the same OS.