I'm Kelly Woods from iMobie Inc., a start-up company committed to iPhone, iPod, iPad software development. Based on our experience, many Apple users are stuck with inextensible iPhone iPad storage. And even though they may find some expedient tutorials, there is still large room for improvement from below two points of view:

  1. When the iDevice is running out of disk, how to reclaim iPhone, iPad storage space without uninstall any Apps or delete pictures, music, movies and other media content to get more space?
  2. When looking at iPhone, iPad in iTunes, there is a large amount of space taken by Other. What exactly is this stuff and how to get rid of it?

On that note we brought up this free iPhone Maintenance App (for Windows) named PhoneClean. It is made to clean up those long-term caches, temp and junk files generated by many Apps or resulted by failed iTunes syncs. As there is never been anything like it, PhoneClean gets some praise from Cnet and other technology group users. And as we are on the very beginning stage, so we just don't have enough confidence to keep it for free. What shall we do? Thanks for the helping!
Here is the app: http://www.imobie.com/phoneclean/

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Typically, such utilities are either inexpensive (under $2USD) or free (advertising supported). Most developers will offer both options. Some of us will put up with a banner adv. at the bottom of the screen to get the app for free, and others of us will not and prefer to pay you directly. If you app is really popular, then the banner adv. may pay you more than you would make with direct sales, since each use and click-through will generate revenue.

Hi, we have thought put an AD banner but still wonder about if it will get more return comparing with direct sales. In fact, it still does not that popular to attract AD sponsers. :)
Thanks anyway!

ya could keep it for free no charge must be taken from you.

This is a great application and this is just awesome that it is available free of cost online.

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