Hello! I've been trying to do some quick research, and I'm getting some mixed results. I'm always short on time whenever I'm able to finally get online somewhere.

I have a MacBook that has a Cat-5 connection, as well as USB connections. The only internet available to me where I live (in my budget range) is dial-up. I'm trying to find the best, and most economical way to get my computer online from a phone jack.

Should I buy a modem, or is there a converter/adapter I can get?

Thank you for any help you can provide!!!

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If you want to connect your computer to the Internet via Dial-up, you'll most definately need a modem. You should still be able to find them on the market. These days, the most common modem you'll find will be USB based, at least for the typical Windows/Intel system.

I am sure this is true for Macs.


Are the usb/dial-up adapters the ones I see on Amazon that are pretty much plug and play, or do I need a modem like the cable modem that comes from the cable company?


So keep in mind that if you are referring to "dial-up", you need a traditional modem that is going to plug into your phone line, not directly to your cable provider's connection. If you have a cable provider, why are you considering dial-up?


I was just using the cable modem as an example- does dial up have that as an option like a cable modem.

Anyway, I found what I needed on Amazon.com.

Thanks for your help, though!


get a three(3)usb dongle its £10 for 1gig or £15 for 3gig and if you get the new sort and your near a mast you get about 14.2mbits down load(21 they say you can get but you carnt)heres my results of speed over last month Click Here

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