Dear Technical Assistance,
My macbookpro will not allow me to open a document I saved about an hour ago.
The only place it appears is under my word- recently opened file, you
cannot find it anywhere else on the computer. When you select it from
this window, it says it cannot locate the document. This window also does not show a date created or date
modified. I need to turn this document in today, and cannot figure out
how to access it. I'm assuming that my mac timemachine should have
saved a copy of this, but I need help finding it.

I really can't rewrite this paper so please help!

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Perhaps the file is either misplaced on the drive or deleted (accidentally). You must check the time machine backup to locate the file. Also read the article below:

Could you identify the application that you created the file in. Are you using Microsoft word or Apple pages. What OS are you using, Lion, Mountain Lion? Do you have a icloud account active?
    All of these factors are important in finding your file.Lets first go under the assumption that you are using word. Then I would iniate a find looking at all files the have the extension .doc.
    Pages is another beast altogether. It will have the extension of .pages. Depending on what flavor of OSX you are running and should you have an icloud account, The file may not be on your mac, but  in the cloud. To check this, got to Safari and goto and sign in. You will notice one of the icons called iWork. Check for it in there. Should it be there, just click on the file and a download button will appear. Click on it and your file will be moved to your mac.
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