I am encountering a problem when there is no sound coming from my mac when i am using the earpeices. Without the ear pieces, i am able to hear sounds. But when at the libray, we are suppost to keep our noise level down so i use my earpiece to listen to music but there are no sounds. I went system preferences and click sound. I then when to sound output and input to change the settings. But the problem still persist. Now when i am at the library i can only listen to my ipod. Is there anyone out there can help

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sure you're putting the line into the right jack? other than that, your computer might be on mute... the mac might be playing sound through the speakers, but as soon as you put headphones in, it goes to the last setting it has for headphones. try rebooting your computer with cmd+opt+p+r held down, to clear the PRAM. that's a general catch-all for me that helps a lot of the time.

i did that but it still the same

hmm... i know it's silly, but have you tried with a different set of headphones? the problem might be the headphone jack itself. another thing to try would be to hook up a male-male headphone cable and check the positive/ground wires for a voltage with a multitester. you will probably find that nothing is getting through, but you never know. do you have a virtual machine on your mac? if so, is it able to get sound out through the headphone jack?

i'm just coming up with abnormal stuff here, because the normal stuff is done. you might try finding the sound configuration files in the operating system and seeing what they show.

The problems is solved when i sent my macbook to my nearest apple service centre. It seems that they install a new audio port for me. Thanks to all those who contribute help to me. I really appreciate

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