I bought macbook pro few days ago, It was okay but from two weeks when I check the graphic memory from apple menu, it showing me that default intel only 512mb... It was 1024 of Nvidia... what the hell is this.. how to solve this... please help...

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  1. Open System Profiler by choosing About this Mac from the Apple () menu. Then, click More Info.
  2. Select "Graphics/Displays" in the Hardware section. Two entries should appear under Video Card:
  3. Intel HD Graphics 4000" (512MB of RAM) and "Nvidia GeForce GT 650M (1024MB of RAM).

Different graphic card will be used depends on the program you are running..

I do not understand your problem. First, you are not identifying your mac (13" or 15"). Second, the NIVIDA graphic card is far superior to the intel card. Not only does it have twice the Ram, but it also GDDR5! I can only wish I had the same delima!

hi... macmad,
I have 15" Macbook pro, Intel i7 2.6GHz, 8GB of Ram,Geforse Nvidia 650 Graphic card, with mac os x Lion.

And I have Problem of the flickering screen. Mac's visual effects not happening with ease.Even I tried switching to Nvidea graphics manually.. Can you please tell me, why this happening with mac pro, How i can get back that smooth visual effects again.

Thats better. That is a 2012 model. Mac switched from AMD to Nivita in 2012, so that means that your machine is still under warranty. The problem you describe (flickering) does lean to a hardware problem. Wether it is a graphic card or video bus problem, it is best to let apple determine this. Call them up, describe your problem and tell them that you will bring it in. It just makes things faster doing it this way as opposed to just dropping by a apple store.
     One thing though, you make me nervous when yuou say that you are switching  to NVidea graphics manually. Are you manually loading drivers? Don't do that! You are in dangerous territory my friend. Let the mac take care of itself and it will take care of you!

okey macmad as you said, I will do the same thing... thanks for your reply.. I will share with you happened things... thanks ones again...

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