I was recently burning several disks with photos I had saved on iPhoto or in folders on my desktop...These disks had anywhere from 60 to 250 photos each on them. On the final two disks that day, and on a couple of subsequent burnt disks with only 12 to 24 photos each, an interesting problem has occurred....When I double click the disk icon from my desktop, the image icons appear in their box, and the IMG___ numbers underneath them are correct, but the icon image IS NOT the correct photo for that number...When I double click any icon, however, the CORRECT picture shows up...What have i done? Can I fix it so that the correct photo icon appears on future disks? HELP !!!.......

You don't say what system you are using, but I've had the same icon applied to multiple images when I open multiple images for editing in Photoshop LE (came with scanner). The only cure I've found is to re-boot then open the images one at a time and re save them.

Not sure if this is related to your problem, but you might want to check your icons right before burning, and if necessary re-boot.

Good luck!