There are rumors that iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 (whatever it will be called) will be introduced in a number of colors, with big size, excellent 12 MP camera, thumb impression detection for security and will be a bit bigger in size.
What will be your favourite feature among these new inclusions?

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Non...well may jailbraken already.

I heard iPhone 6 will still inherit the same 8MP camera just like on predecessors. Apple will only focus on improving the photo quality, especially in low-light photos, without entering to the MP race like other rivals. But i believe Apple will add more MP to next iPhone's camera just because it will be good for the marketing side. Although it still delivers much sharper quality photos to the camera.

it's camera is one of the finest on earth i love it

If they release a larger handset I may go back to iOS. I use a Galaxy Note 3 now and I absolutley love the size.

Full integration of custom development to the camera :)

I think Apple Pay is the most innovative and best feature in the upcoming iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Using this feature, you can do payments at several outlets with simple procedures.

I liked the part where applepay can now collect info and index your transactions against your apple ID to know even more about you.

I agree with its picture quality, Its wonderfull and one of the finest camera's in the world. I guess everyone will agree with me on the same front. I like the post very much, thanks for sharing the same. Keep posting such articles.

i love apple logo

I would love upgraded high resolution based Camera, I love making Selfies...:)

I hope iPhone 7 can be a completely different phone

For iPhone 6S ,iPhone 6S PLus.I like this feature 3D Touch funtion.Great progress.

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