Recently, one of my friends on FB asked me a question: Whether can we transfer our iphone voice memos to pc or mac for backup. At once, I answered him roughly: maybe, just a maybe.

For I have never done this before, but in order to solve my friend’s question certainly, I have to ask help for you, the experienced iphone users who have a good knowledge of the basic tips and guides about iphone. I bet you can provide more detailed information, right? Thanks for your kindly help. Your answer will be added 100 scores.

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Hello cecillovell2, There are two ways to copy iPhone voice memo from to your computer for backup.

One way: Free but just copy from one to one.
-Connect your iPhone to your computer.
-Left click on your itunes music folder.
-In the search box in the upper right type in "Voice Memos".
-You should see all of your iPhone voice memos, highlight the the ones you want copied.
-Right click.
-Select Add to playlist.
-Pick the playlist want them added to.
-Disconnect your iPhone and test a voice memo to make sure it copied.

Two way: Paid, but copy in a time
Use iPhone to Computer Transfer, which allows you to easily and fast transfer voice memos from iPhone to PC for backup. Then you can upload the iPhone voice memos to YouTube, Facebook, etc. to share those audio recording with your friends, copy an audio CD or add them to iPod touch, iPad.

Choose the suitable way you want according to your demands

I think using iStonsoft iPhone to Mac/computer Transfer is your best choice. You only need these steps to move songs from iphone to computer
Step 1: Download and install the software and connect iPhone to computer
Step 2: Scan your files and preview
Step 3: select songs you want to transfer and click “Backup”

There you go, I wasn't actually aware about the process of doing that so, first of all thanks for putting the question over here which makes me searching about it over the Google and I ended up in a post over some blog have tired doing that with my phone and all done ! So, I would say you can try that trick out too if you like !

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