After I could not boot my Macbook Pro (OS X Lion 10.7.5) I tried to run safe boot. I thought it worked, but only thing it did was booting the mac without any data i used to have. All the software is there. It's like a brand new mac with full applications. My storage seems as full as before so I know the data is somewhere inside my Macbook. How can I find them? (I'm still logged in as I always were and there seems to be no other accounts)

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Go see the "gurus" at your local Apple Store?

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Go see the "gurus" at your local Apple Store?

I don't backup my macbook pro.I install window 7,32 bit.How do,now I want to be install os x.I cannot do this.

Did you try running a data recovery app or Apple got it fixed for you?

If you want to easily recover data then use data recovery software. I recommend to you "macrecoverytool.net" this tool may resolve your problem.

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