I have a problem signing into my messenger for mac. Version 7.0.1. My computer is a Power Book G4. version 10.4.11

Below the description of the error:
"Signing into MSN Instant Messenger Service failed because the password is incorrect or the sign-in name does not exist. If you have forgotten your password, click Help in the main window, and then click Help Topics."

My username and password are correct. I tried logging into my hotmail account and it works. I also tried other accounts without success. I also tried uninstalling and installing back again. Nothing seems to work.

I want to get to the bottom of this and fix it fast! Please help!

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i know that must be annoying that you cant chat.. well i dunno exactly what's wrong with your msn messenger.. but u cant download amsn.. look for it in google then download it.. its free and simple to use on mac.. with amsn u use the same id and password..thats what am using too..
u can at least give a try and see if u can log in amsn..


also you should be able to use ichat with your msn or hotmail account as well. Although its more basic in features, its pretty smooth running and works quite well.

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Seems to know what he's talking about.


1. We have a new computer and it's good, but I still have the same problem with my Mac Messenger. I can't log in. Some times I can, but usually before that I have to try many times. That is really annoying.

2. With the same Messenger I have the other problem:
I can't change the photo.

3. With Mac Messenger I even can't use the web-camera. Even I have the web-camera, it does not show to other users.

In my old computer I had the Windows Live Messenger and everything worked. Please somebody help me with these 3 problems! Thank you!!!


:icon_idea: You should use ichat! I had all that same troubles with my messenger. You can use AIM, yahoo and mns or hotmail at the same time. and even can chat with people from another server like gmail. Now i am using ichat and I love it, simple and everything is easier! :) Good luck

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