I needed to download something on my mac but I couldn't remember my password. So I restarted it hoping that I'd be able to download the document. I downloaded it but now everything is gone. I want it back. There was a document that counts for 50% of my grade. HELP!!

I hear MACs are good at that :) A friend of mine has one and it's always crashing.

Just to be clear, how did you restart. There are two ways of restarting: pressing the button or yanking the cable out the back. NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER DO THE LATTER!!!!.

Also how many attempts did you make? Finally if it is worth half your grade, take it into an apple shop and they should be able to restore it, providing it is not corrupted. (If your mac is out of warranty they will charge £75, in the UK at least). Failing that you'll need to get it recovered which can be very expensive and may not work. Hope this helps!

sounds like you did't boot back into the same user maybe ,like people sometimes do with windows coputers

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