I would really appreciate some help here and some serious answers.
I work at a coffe shop and an man came up to me if i could charge his iphone (his battery was a 0%). He looked suspicious, i ve never seen him around the community. At first i was reluctant but then i decided to help him anyway. I plugged it to my computer where all the data is stored(reciepts,financial stuff, reports, investment data, everything which envolves coffe shop managment).
My question is. Is it somehow possible that he had an apllication on his iphone that once it s plugged in the app preforms a background work and collects the data without me knowing it and without seeing any proces on the desktop? If so can i actually verify if this was done with is iphone?
I m not a fan of apple stuff and apple software by that i don t have any knowledge on that topic.

You poor schlub! NEVER let someone plug an unknown device into your computer!!! (emphasis intended)

To help people with recharge problems, keep a wall-powered usb charging cable available. No issue with pwning your systems.

Since this happened, you need to do the following:

  1. Reset your WiFi router to factor settings (may not be sufficient).
  2. Scan ALL of your computers (including your cash registers) for viruses using the latest (and multiple) A/V scanners.
  3. You are in deep!

And yes, doing this - plugging into your computer directly - can allow someone with a "simple" mobile phone, to pwn (own) all systems in your network. Lesson? Listen to your instincts... :-( Remember, that modern phones are fully capable 32 or 64 bit computers with the resources that a super-computer of 10 years ago would be hard-pressed to equal.

P.S. You might want to bring in a professional computer security services company and/or consultant to analyze your systems. Also, contact your banks to be sure your accounts aren't being drained...

One final note - make a police report about this.

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