hi ,
i am new to computers ...i want to know how can i see the bacis services in my apple computer....i know it for windows its like open the task manager click on services tab and i can see the services that are given in side by microsoft.
but how do i see the status and the sevices in mac laptop.

Huh? Apples are NOT Windows machines. Yes they have services that you can view, but they are NOT Windows services. Have you tried to read any of the operating system documentation yet?


No need to pounce on him. OS X will display the running processes in a terminal window, or you can go to Applications -> Utilities -> Activity Monitor, and view information there.

Not sure about controling the Startup Daemons (we call "services" the Unix "daemon") as I have not had to dinker with them.

You can get some startup items for a user login to be controled in the System Preferences -> Users & Groups -> Login Items area.

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