Today I have an ipad, an iphone and a windows laptop. My laptop is nearing the end of its life and needs replacing. Should I replace the windows laptop with an IMac or Air book? The reason I ask is NOT processing power, battery life, or price. Just do I need two (3 including iphone) mobile devices?

If you were faced with the same dilema which would you purchase, the IMac or the Air Book?

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This is such a personal decision...

For me...i've spent the last two decades working with Windows products... i'm getting tired of Windows. In my case, i have an iMac and a windows desktop, windows laptop, iphone, and an ipad i never really use. i find most computers/devices to be... eh...not very exciting any longer. At this point, i'm only interested in devices that let me work quickly and on the go. i'd go for the air book if i really needed a new laptop, or just install ubuntu on the laptop and keep it running longer if the hardware allows it.

I second Ubuntu. I love it as an OS and it works very well on older hardware.

If you are after aesthetics then an air. The thing I found however is that the cost of Macs v Laptops is very big with Macs (obviously) being the more expensive.

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It seems a mac air would be fine, seeing as you had a laptop before. The only other thing I would say I opted for a middle range mac mini- which is the same price as mac air. But for the mac mini you get slightly more grunt out of the machine, just need a monitor and keyboard.

Many thanks everyone for your feedback.

Even though both the mac book and the ipad are both portable devices it seems the general concencious is to keep the ipad and go for the mac book and not the imac to replace the windows laptop.

Your input has been very helpful.

Many thanks.

IMac is more powerful than Airbook, it can run any application require by it.


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