Hi everyone,

I have MCP certification, and i got some MCSE training.But i am not intrested in Microsoft field, because everyone knows microsoft even small child. But now searching Apple MAC feild , i donot know, about feature in MAC.

I want to do same certifications like MCSA in APPLE.

And how about jobs in Apple MAC feild.

Thanks and Regards,
Siddarudha Kadali

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It really depends on what you need to do with your computer. You can run Windows on a Mac easily enough anyway!

Don't underestimate understanding how Microsoft Applications/Systems run and being able to trouble shoot them. Many macs can run Windows now, so there are more systems running both MacOS and Windows. Understanding both makes you much more marketable to a company and even for the company if they outsource you.

One of the issues that comes up where I currently work is compatibility issues with fonts and graphics - by having a solid understanding of both platforms this would be a situation where you would shine. Also, not everyone understands Windows like you think - just because they can use the basics I have still found several that never think of even using the help menu.

Just see which one you enjoy more if you only want to focus on one. :)

its up to what you want to do... if you like apple then just g for it.

As Apple technologies become more mainstream, especially in the corporate world, there will be growing demand for people who understand both sides of the coin. You already have MCSA so you may wish to consider training for the Apple Certified System Administrator (ACSA) certification.
More information here http://training.apple.com/certification/macosx

commented: 100% accurate and exactly the information the poster was looking for. +1
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