I just got my first mac - a MacBook Pro - and I am loving it except for one little annoyance: the startup sound.

Do any of you know how to turn that annoying jingle that is played along with the grey Apple splash screen during startup of OSX off?

I need a permanent solution and not something like "always remember to mute the speakers before shutting down".


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A quick google of "macosx" "startup sound" gives you your answer.
The jingle is hardwired into the bios, it can't be changed, the closest to a solution their is is to remember to hold down F3 to mute the sound on boot.
Oh, you wanted more. Well, there was a mention of a patch being available from apple.com which removes it, but I couldn't find it or any official mention of it.


It should be noted that the chime is a sign of a successful POST (Power On Self Test), and can be quite useful for troubleshooting hardware issues.

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