I am new to MACs - and I have a dual G5 with 1GB RAM and 160GB HDD

I am trying to install Garmin's Training Center: http://www.garmin.com/software/TrainingCenterForMac_202.dmg for my Forerunner 305

I downloaded the above file.
Double clicked the dmg file to open the package.
Then double clicked the "Instal Garmin Training Centre" file
BUT then nothing happened !!

The MAC continues to work and did not freeze or hang.

I have contacted Garmin - but no replies as yet.

Anything I should have done first? or can do now?

Thanks in advance:-|

Well, I've never used Garmin's Training Center, so I don't really have personal experience on my part. However, what I would suggest:

Try dragging all the files contained inside the disk image onto your desktop. Then see what happens when you open up the installer.

It could also be that the only thing to be installed is a single application file, in which case the only thing necessary is to drag the file into your "Applications" folder, and all will be solved. However, I'd recommend trying the first way, as the second is only for apps that don't really need an installer.