I just bought a new Powerbook with Tiger. I would like to install OpenOffice and some other apps that need X11.

I understand that I can use Apple's X11 or the XFree86 X11 on the Mac. What do most folks use? What are the advantages of one over the other?

And does the Powerbook come with the Apple X11 preinstalled? Or do I have to install it and if so, how?


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Not sure about it comming preinstalled, but I would assume Apples X11 would be more tuned towards the PPC arch and any apple specifics :)


X11 is in its own form already installed in tiger as you can see the download page on apples website for x11 is no more. i freeked out the day i installed my tiger because i use GIMP on a daily basis and fought for about a week to find the x11 install i had backed up somewhere in the mountain of disks i have. needless to say when i just tried to isntall it it worked fine.

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