Suddenly all my non-bold text in e-mails, web sites, downloads, etc. has broken up like white paint was spattered over it. I can't find any answers. Tried a new anti-virus software, tried restarting in safe mode, shift down, command shift down, everything down. NOTHING! This is on a iMac G5. Please tell me this is an easy problem to fix. I can't squint any more.

The only thing this reminds of is an issue where, after a fresh OS install, some of the core Apple programs (Mail, Safari, and a few others) would use the font "Helvetica Fractions". The result is an unreadable jumbled mess. If this is your problem, you will need to:

- Launch "Font Book" (in your Applications folder)
- Search for "Fractions" or "Helvetica Fractions"
- Highlight the "Fractions" fonts in the results list
- Right-click or control-click on the selected font(s), then
- select disable (or remove) from the contextual pop-up menu

After that you can quit Font Book. You may need to relaunch Mail, Safari, or other mis-displaying apps for the change to take effect.

Hope it helps.

Try Running all avalible updates for your OS