hello all ....

i need help ... and you guys seem to know what your talking about.

i want to buy an ibook ... and network it to my laptop which runs xp ... which will have a printer attached ..... which i want to use from both the mac and the pc.

this is the ticky bit

now having read the other threads youve covered wireless stuff but, all of the technical stuff went over my head ... im about as technical as sticking a cable in the back of the mac and pc and switching them on... whilst crossing my fingers that something has happened. so if anyone can help (using really simple language) you would be doing me a great favour

thank you very much



The XP and the iMac will work just fine. All you will need to do is ethernet them together. While some might say "take a crossover cable and do it", I would suggest that you get a hub/switch, or if you have a high-speed internet connection at home, get a router box. If you are going to go wireless, make sure that you use the same technology (802.11b or g) that both laptops support.

On the Mac, turn on Windows file sharing (samba). On the XP computer, do the same. On both computers, create accounts that will give you the access you need.

Now, the question about the printing. If you have a post script printer on the XP box, that will be easy. Macs like postscript printers. But if it a major different printer, then you might have a driver problem. Just have to see how that will work. You can share a printer on the Windows side. Worst case is that you work the file on a Mac, and then send it to the XP box, and have the XP program print it.


If you have an older desktop around (not a dinosaur, but an older computer say Pentium II 500 Mhz), you could make a nice Linux server as a small file server, and work the laptops that way. WHy? You have laptops, but you might also want a server-like environment for file serving and safe keeping. Make a small home network, and use that box as a backup system.

When you get your beautiful iBook, let us know. We can help you with the next thing.


so i could just put a cable in both of them and away i go? ... is all the software in both... and i just need to switch it on?

thanks very much youve been a real help ... i think ill go and put my order in to the nice apple people ... :cheesy: