A few months ago, I did an "On the Desktop" article for Linux Magazine on Getting to Know Konqueror, the default Linux web browser, file manager, and remote protocol client. Until I saw FireFox version 3, I had never really been very impressed with it.

I actually submitted a little poem about the Browser Wars for that article (It was pulled so you're seeing it for the first time here):

Mosaic opened the door.
Navigator showed us the way.
Explorer taught us to fear.
Opera sang its own song heretofore.
Lynx handles the text-based fray.
Konqueror's time is here.

I did a review of the FireFox 3 web browser for LinuxPlanet called FireFox 3: Losing My Religion. Today FireFox 3 finally is ready to enter the fray for real. On June 17, the production release of FireFox 3 will be publicly available for all to have.

I highly recommend it now.

New security features protect you and your computer better than ever before. It is now loaded with most Linux distributions and, in some cases, the defaut browser, usurping long-time resident of that spot, Konqueror.

Perhaps it's time to update the poem for FireFox's inclusion. Anyone care to share a clever additional line or two?

My line is LOL. Or is that only one line? I am too drunk to tell. Just yesterday I was thinking of changing back to IE, but decided against because then I would lose the use of Rikai Chan which I am using to translate Japanese to English and Vice Versa. I have been using FF 2 and FF3 beta for some time, but apart of the above mentioned plugin, I have never found a case where FF can be usefull more than IE7.

What, and encourage you?

June 17 huh? That's this Tuesday...