Hi all! I am new, not too computer literate. I have a big problem with my computer right now, windows XP (I think I deleted internet explorer and now I can't download anything) Where should I post problem? I promise I won't have any more problems!!

I read that firefox was better than IE, so I downloaded firefox, then I thought I should delete IE, so I first had to delete 'service pack 3' then I deleted the Internet Explorer from add remove programs.

I deleted firefox and thought I could system restore to get the IE back, but that doesn't fix my problems:

I can't download, I get a window that is blank when I try or nothing happens at all. Also I can't copy or paste in the internet, and I can't open attachments.

I was sent a zipped file of IE to install but my installation wizaed says 'some files were blocked' so it won't open them.

From what I can figure out the only way I can fix things is to use the xp recovery discs, but I don't have them, and my son has disconnected my cd drive because he said it didn't work. I've asked everyone I know and they don't have the recovery discs.

I can't afford to take my computer in to get it fixed, and I don't want to lose 10 years of files and photos. I know now I should never have deleted things, but I'm really stuck.

have you tried a system restore? check if it will help...

back-up all your important files..while you can still access to those files...

System restore won't work. From what I've seen I can just email as many photos and files to myself as I can, then basically throw out this computer. I'd have to buy a new windows xp. Once IE is deleted there is no way to repair except with an original installation disc, which I don't have (my car was stolen while I was moving and it had my computer discs among other things in it) I learned my lesson!