Hey all, I bought a fairly decent laptop recently (2 months~)
and because i recently finished school i started using it for recreation like playing games and watching movies etc. The problem is that whenever i do any of these the laptop will freeze completely after 5 or so minutes playing. This happens when i watch movies or TV series from a DVD or play any game (this even occurred when i play Chess which came with Vista)
I wasn't sure where to post this so sorry if its in the wrong forum.
Specs for this laptop are:
Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.00Ghz
2GB DDR2 Memory (Im assuming)
Video card is an nVidia, not sure if its in built but it runs Fable pretty well so i dont think its crappy.

Graphics can only be built in on a majority of laptops.

Run dxdiag on it.
Click on the Start orb and type "dxdiag" in Start Search. Hit return and
off you go.

Have a look for any problems.

Wow i totally forgot about dxdiag *fail*

Yeah my GPU is
GeForce8200M G
Approx. Total Memory is 883 MB

Run all the graphical tests and report any errors here.

Hey, what do you mean by graphical test, is it a website or something on vista?

I hate Vista so, so much. If i had a spare copy of XP lying around i would say goodbye forever. There is no Test button on any of the pages of the Diagnostic tool basically

I had have same problem some time ago...Reinstall windows.

I would but.. it kinda came preinstalled with vista and they didnt give me a disk.