johnruelle 2 Newbie Poster

I thought I had but problem.

RobertHDD 15 Posting Whiz in Training

All Good

johnruelle 2 Newbie Poster

Robert...all good. I had a frustrating day.

Long live XP !!

RobertHDD commented: I know LONG LIVE XP +2
Tcll 66 Posting Whiz in Training Featured Poster

ouch, that sucks.

if you need any pointers or such, I still hack XP in a VM.
32bit only because VBox doesn't support my dual-core AMD... heh

yea, even in a VM, I won't use anything above XP ;)
I don't give a crap what MS says, as long as that RAT is planted, XP is far safer than any newer windows.
(just make sure you properly uninstall IE to where it doesn't keep re-appearing)

I only use ActiveX for my interactive desktop BG...
I hope that doesn't backfire >.>

RobertHDD 15 Posting Whiz in Training

Ok so going back to XP on a 5 year laptop is ok so im going to try that first I would get DBAN and wipe the HDD 2nd is going into setup

MidiMagic 579 Nearly a Senior Poster

Good for china! The federal government should do that too. It costs us taxpayers money when the government is forced by a monopoly company to upgrade.

I was hit 5 times by Y2K:

  • 2 years before Y2K, in 1998, my mortgage company changed its software to be Y2K compliant. They ran the new software, and it promptly took a second mortgage payment out of ny bank account, that the old software had already taken out 3 days before. This was the only time I ever bounced checks - there wasn't enough left in the account to cover other checks once the extra payment was wrongly taken.

  • The night of Y2K, a phone call I was on was cut off right at midnight. Both of us got dial tones. But I was immediately able to dial and reconnect.

  • The local hospital's computer assigned my friend's great aunt, born in 1898, to an inpatient room in the pediatrics wing.

  • I received an email from the IT people at my work. It stated that all computers in the company had been tested and found to be functioning correctly for all Y2K issues. The email was dated 1/5/0100.

  • Billions of chowderheads believed that the new millenmnium began on 1/1/2000. Nobody seemed to notice when it really began on 1/1/2001. It can't begin on 1/1/2000 because there was no year 0. This happened because Roman numerals were in use when the calendar was set up. There is no 0 in Roman numerals.

Actually, the Gregorian Bug and the DST 1 Bug caused more trouble than Y2K.

The Gregorian bug was that many devices (including traffic signals) were designed with 2000 being not a leap year. But it was a leap year. This caused hard-coded devices to have either the wrong day of the week or the wrong date from then on. Our traffic signals ran the weekend program on the first monday in March, snarling traffic.

The DST 1 Bug caused all Microsoft products that had not been updated to change to Daylight-stupid time one week late.

The DST 2 Bug happened in 2007, when Congress stupidly changed the dates of DST. All hard-coded devices with clocks made before 2006 still change to and from DST on the wrong dates.

RobertHDD 15 Posting Whiz in Training

OK so im back on XP on another pc and its awesome its not like 7 where it gets junky after a while and put files in wrong places so heres a story of how i downgraded to XP:

Ok so first of all at 8:20pm Australia time i copied XP using the tool Novicorp WintoFlash whichs makes win isos bootable from usb this took half an hour then it was time to get down to work which was good since i was bored so i got another usb and made that my Dariks Nuke and Boot usb then i ran that let it format then i ran the windows XP setup utility and waited at exactly 9pm i started it

2 hours later at 11:00pm AEST
Still waiting

2hours more 1:00am the setup has reached 76%

3:30am setup has finished and completing last steps

3:35am setup done and XP was back up and running

And Thats my great story this took a very long process and was really boring and i had a really bad heartburn and i couldnt get up but i did with my mighty strength so i can say LONG LIVE XP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JenniferArden 4 Jennifer

That is awesome!!! I love hearing success stories about Windows XP! What I did is I used NLite to integrate additional drivers, MP11, IE8, additional visual styles, post service pack updates as well as some customization, then I made a dvd with NLite with my customised XP and works great. I did this with XP Pro SP3 32bit and XP Pro SP2 64 bit.

RobertHDD 15 Posting Whiz in Training

Well it took a while I waited to 3pm and had a serious heartburn even though im 15 and yeah nearly burnt my throat because my kitten sat on my neck and building pressure on it causing me to have serious pain in my chest anyway novicorp only took a mere 10 minutes to copy every single file to usb then voila!!! waited 6 hours then when it was finished everything worked like XP Style. the last time i was on xp was 3 to 4 years ago when i got my very first pc laptop. mines a x64 SP3 version of windows xp so thats good

Tcll 66 Posting Whiz in Training Featured Poster

I spy a typo :P
x64 only goes up to SP2 (SP2 offers everything x86 SP3 had)

but yah
now I would usually install Comodo and set it up before connecting to net. ;)
(because people are stupid enough to infect you as soon as you connect)
^ that's how I got my ZeroAccess rootkit

Alicera Nz 0 Newbie Poster

WinXP is the fastest OS in internet connection and mostly people still use it in handling network.

Tcll 66 Posting Whiz in Training Featured Poster

watch out though, "fastest" does not equal "safest".

OT: while this is on my mind brought up by network safety:

I'd like to build a DNS that could redirect a DDoS attack back at the attacker :3

after about 500 requests w/in 1 second, the DNS will flip any continuous requests right back on the host with the ID of the victim.
essentially, the attacker is frying their own router while thinking they're attacking a victim. >:3

johnruelle 2 Newbie Poster

RobertHDD...after reading your post I did some digging into WintoFlash, as it sounded interesting. The reviews on CNET were very bad:

any truth to the comments that it is loaded with adware and worse?

MidiMagic 579 Nearly a Senior Poster're joking right? Gee, I didn't know MS stopped updating XP. I guess I should have stated in my post...."MS pulled the plug on XP".

MS has now pulled the plug on everything but 10, effective 4/1/2015. The new CEO is GREEDY!

Tcll commented: no surprize there. +4
Palebushman 8 Bush IT Poster

Interesting dateline 4/1/2015 MidiMagic, or is that 4th of Jan GMT? ;-)

Tcll 66 Posting Whiz in Training Featured Poster

looks like April fools day to me :P

Tcll 66 Posting Whiz in Training Featured Poster

I've been using XP Black for a while, and love it, I havn't encountered any problems, of course though, this was before I got into XP64 which is even safer than any x86 XP.

XP Black is the OS I learned to hack Windows on.
I love the Royale Remixed Zune theme.

heck, I even have it installed on my VM for testing my program with.

forgot to mention, I'm not sure if XP Black comes with pre-distributed malware and such, which I've been trying to pay attention to.
I usually uninstall IE and ActiveX and most of the programs this thing comes with including and restore MS Paint on it (including the Edit context menu entry)

like I said, XP Black is what taught me how to hack XP. :)

gerbil 216 Industrious Poster

Yes, latest Win to Flash is loaded.
So you get around it. You keep only the one language (409 is English), Logs, Options, EULA, .ico, and the exe.
And then no problems with adwares, add-ons.
Of course, there is also Rufus. I think it might even be better. Faster, anyway. It's what I use.

W10. I could worry that it is going to be regarded as a service. You know, something like electricity, gas, water, for which you pay a monthly bill. M$ would like that, is probably moving to it... W10 is a free upgrade from W7 & W8, but...wait for it..."W10 will be free for the first 12 months".
But I won't worry, actually, cos am sticking with XP.
Suck on that M$.

Tcll commented: you deserve a medal :) +4
RobertHDD 15 Posting Whiz in Training

Now come to think about it XP was flawless in internet.

As soon as i put 7 on im lagging all over the place!!!

Tcll 66 Posting Whiz in Training Featured Poster

Now come to think about it XP was flawless in internet.

As soon as i put 7 on im lagging all over the place!!!

I have 7 on my laptop and I'm not lagging :/

I use Comodo Dragon and the only speed difference I get from this compy,
is 2.6 GHz x2 vs 1.6 Ghz x1
(yea, my laptop sucks) :P

here's some things you can do:
- check for malware with various tools such as MalwareBytes
- turn off google sync service (if using chrome/chromium)
- remove some addons

speaking of addons, I just added AdBlock Premium and AVG Do Not Track to my mix of blockers.
so that makes 10 extensions dedicated to web blocking :3

the site that keeps these the most busy:
youtube (record of 300+ ads and trackers blocked)
you can smell the shame on that one :P

deceptikon 1,790 Code Sniper Administrator Featured Poster

As soon as i put 7 on im lagging all over the place!!!

XP also had significantly smaller hardware requirements for responsiveness. Example, you could get away with 512MB of RAM on an XP box easily, but on a 7 box it won't be usable.

Tcll commented: I got XP running on 256MB (now 384MB) :) +4
MidiMagic 579 Nearly a Senior Poster

I was just looking over my life, and 90 percent of my life's achievements are now totally useless, because we have to keep upgrading computers to please Microsoft. Here is a partial list of what has been lost, because the computers and equipment are no longer available:

  • Computer art creator for IBM 1130
  • Disassembler for TI-980 computer
  • Very early music playing program for a 6800 computer
  • Star Trek game for TI 56
  • Computer Poetry for CDC-6600
  • MadLibs program for CDC 6600
  • Graphing antique record recording curves for CDC-6600
  • Quadraphonoc matrix system evaluation for CDC-6600
  • 24 computer terminal multiplexer for one phone line, 6809
  • Baudot code printer interface for an Apple IIe
  • 6 video games for Color Logo
  • Over 30 song compositions on Color Music Lab
  • PID controller for 6809 computer
  • Mandelbrot set explorer for 6809 computer
  • Simulation of formation of a spiral galaxy, 6809 computer
  • Artifact Color Screen printer for Tandy Color Computer
  • MadLibs program for Tandy Color Computer
  • Computer oscilloscope for Tandy Color Computer
  • Talking computer for Tandy Color Computer
  • Phonograph tonearm tracking error calculator, 6809 computer
  • Artifact-color screen printer for Tandy Color Computer
  • EMACS Text Editor for Tandy Color Computer
  • Radio Ball pinball game* *
  • Inventory system for chemistry lab, MS-DOS
  • Economics tracker and predictor, MS-DOS
  • Traffic signal progression calculator, MS-DOS
  • Video game for children's math facts practice, MS-DOS
  • Phonograph Record inventory, Lotus 123
  • Appointment tracking system, DBase III
  • Experiment control for X-ray crystalography, PDP 11
  • Experiment control for ICP Spectrometry, MS-DOS and PDP 8
  • Experiment control for Gas Analyzer, MS-DOS
  • Experiment control for stress test system, MS-DOS
  • Experiment control for CO2 exhalation analysis, MS-DOS
  • Experiment control for balance beam analysis, MS-DOS
  • Experiment control for piezo force plate analysis, MS-DOS
  • Motion onset detection with velocity trip, MS-DOS
  • Noninvasive IR transmission blood gas analysis, MS-DOS
  • Impedance cardiology experiment with hematocrit, MS-DOS
  • Home heating system monitor, MS-DOS
  • Over 30 unique screen savers for MS-DOS
  • Election simulator for MS-DOS
  • My proofs that Plurality Voting System is faulty, MS-DOS
  • An excellent statistics E-Book
  • Conway's Game of Life for MS-DOS
  • Bignum calculator (300-digit integers), MS DOS
  • Light Show Controller, MS-DOS
  • Various reaction time experiment control, MS-DOS
  • Various muscle EMG stimulus/recording experiments, MS-DOS
  • Experiment control for strees test system, Win 3.1
  • Experiment control for CO2 exhalation, Win 3.1
  • Various reaction time experiment controls, Win 3.1
  • Various muscle EMG stimulus/recording experiments, Win 3.1
  • Experiment control for balance beam analysis, Win 3.1
  • Experiment control for piezo force plate analysis, Win 3.1
  • Motion onset detection with velocity trip, Win 3.1
  • Stride length detection, 3200 computer.
  • MusicTime music editor, Win 3.1* *
  • Over 30 original song compositions, MusicTime on Win 3.1
  • Over 30 song arrangements, MusicTime on Win 3.1
  • MusicTime MIDI instrument control

If I ever lose XP, I will lose all of the following:

  • Over 120 mastered CD tracks
  • TASCAM USB recording adaptor* *
  • Magix Studio* *
  • Corel Draw X3* *
  • My Lexmark printer (no driver for 7)* *

    • I didn't create these. I bought them.
Palebushman 8 Bush IT Poster

That's very distressing MidiMagic, you have every right to feel pissed off and let down.
Does one of your "Over 30 unique screen savers for MS-DOS" include the ever loveable 'Johnny Castaway'?

Tcll 66 Posting Whiz in Training Featured Poster

let your post be a kick back to the balls of Microsoft.
if those balls even exist anymore... heh

XP78USER 30 Posting Whiz in Training

Hey! why did microsoft change their bin icon to a metro one in the beta build
of windows 10

MidiMagic 579 Nearly a Senior Poster

Now Microsoft is trying to switch their software over to rental on a yearly basis, instead of purchase.

Palebushman 8 Bush IT Poster

"Oh how the mighty fall" or 'Just how many feet has this beast got?' It has shot itself in the foot that many times, it's a miracle it can move on at all!
There seems little doubt that those who may have been able to keep the Microsoft ship afloat, let alone on course, have long since gone. It just seems like the wreckers are going to have as much 'fun' as they can before someone with a big stick puts a stop to the madness. The long life and swift execution of the wonderful Microsoft XP Operating System, was a sure sign of bad times ahead, particularly anything that might ever be considered to be as successful as Microsoft XP was/is.

Mel_4 0 Newbie Poster

I have a question, as an XP user. Is it a good idea to completely uninstall Internet Explorer from your system? Are there any security concerns? On the surface I would assume "No", but knowing how devious Microsoft is would it compromise my system?

Palebushman 8 Bush IT Poster

Not a good idea after installion of XP, but there are some options during XP installations. Have a read of this link before taking any action.

XP78USER 30 Posting Whiz in Training

more bad icons coming through does microsoft need a bang on its head to knock some sense into them no offense

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