ggeoff 4 Junior Poster- 72 years old :)

@ Tcll Can't say my problems are like yours. Only one HDD defective in a mirror and replaced by Seagate. My history: Amstrad 386 to Dell various laptops and desktops. I have regularly replaced my HDDs anticpating issues - three years or so. PCs 4 laptops 5 desktops. Op sy current XP to Windows 7 64bit.

Tcll 66 Posting Whiz in Training Featured Poster

that's what I was forgetting to mention :P
though I think I've mentioned before that all of my compys were either dug out of the trash or passed down to me... heh

same for my HDDs to a point that I dug them out of trashed devices.
(I've even recovered the data off broken compys for friends on this note)

but I'm starting to see a pattern that Maxtor and Seagate are the brands that don't die the most.

NTFS overheats HDDs and alot of desktops aren't well ventalated...
I normally have fans blowing on my HDDs to keep them cool which greatly helps extend their life-span
(I try to mod this wherever possible)

Tcll 66 Posting Whiz in Training Featured Poster

[3:29:54 PM] Diddy Kong: LOOOLL!!!
[3:30:07 PM] Diddy Kong: google hacked windows 8 and can gain remote admin rights over the system
[3:30:33 PM] Diddy Kong: the WHITE HACKER team
[3:30:37 PM] Diddy Kong: mind you
[3:30:45 PM] Kahnu: if this is white hacking..
[3:30:46 PM] Kahnu: lol..
[3:30:50 PM] Kahnu: imagine the black hats
[3:30:50 PM] Diddy Kong: no
[3:30:57 PM] Diddy Kong: not google hacking into othe rpeople's computers
[3:31:01 PM] Diddy Kong: they used a test computer
[3:31:05 PM] Diddy Kong: that they own

[3:32:13 PM] Diddy Kong:
[3:32:16 PM] DarkPikachu: heh, so google cracked MS's RAT =3

[3:37:02 PM] Kahnu: What I don't understand is WHY ms. wants to fuck with people
[3:37:10 PM] Kahnu: (the RAT)
[3:37:23 PM] Kahnu: I understand that it exists and its manipulable
[3:37:26 PM] Kahnu: but...
[3:37:27 PM] Kahnu: why?

the more that unfolds, I'll be there watching, and feeling bad for everyone affected who didn't listen to me 9_9

heck, I can't help but feel bad for the outsiders who have no idea what they're even getting into.

btw, I have no faith in MS fixing that security issue...
it woud've been fixed already since it's been long enough for google to find it...
they want to control people, so they'll just tell everyone it's fixed while hackers continue to expose it's not.

ggeoff 4 Junior Poster- 72 years old :)

I have never had to scrap a PC due to hardware failure only due to it being cheaper to get a new PC to make use of newer technology eg. the CD drive. I have never had to replace a PC due to software issues. I remember Amstrad introducing a fan,even though it was not needed, I added a hard drive to that Amstrad PC even though there was no proper place for it with no problems. I regualarly blow out dust, vacuuming dust is not so effective, to keep my PCs cool. It sounds like my XP based PCs could be worth hanging on to.

JenniferArden 4 Jennifer

Windows XP is Gold, its just so nice to use and dependable. I cant imagine using anything else. I have worked with Windows 7 and a little with Windows 8 and really do not want to use it myself. Its not being prejudice, I have always grabbed the opportunity to upgrade since I started with DOS6.22 and Windows 3.1 but for me personally Windows XP really is the best Windows version yet

Everyauction commented: Fully Agree!!! +2
MidiMagic 579 Nearly a Senior Poster

The only time I ever lost a hard drive is when some stupid DOS "anti-piracy" program on a CD rom wrote back to drive D to make sure the software (a flight simulator) was really on a CD-ROM. Unfortunately, the CD drive was drive E on that machine. It removed the entire root directory on the new larger hard disk in that machine. No software was lost (it was on the C drive), just data, and all of that had been backed up. So the only real loss was the time and trouble of formatting the drive and replacing the directory tree and all of the files.

I sent the CD to the company that made it, broken in half, along with a nasty letter telling them the damage their sleazy idea caused.

Tcll commented: *applauds* +1 :) +4
RobertHDD 15 Posting Whiz in Training

I agree MidiMagic same thing happened 2 monts ago with me

RobertHDD 15 Posting Whiz in Training

Good News!!! Im moving back to XP!

Tcll commented: XP64 hopefully :) +4
RobertHDD 15 Posting Whiz in Training

I am very excited to move back to XP rather like upgrading to 8.1 because I had a really big headache with windows 8 7 and 10 and think of moving back to old style where i can play really old games like commander keen and stonekeep and all that and i have been really missing it since i got my first laptop back in 2009 and yeah its like migrating back to xp from 7 and seeing your old OS friend well I all see you all when i get back on to my old os that i used long ago. Bye for now. And yes tcll its x64

RobertHDD 15 Posting Whiz in Training

As xykoo i think you were being an idiot for saying windows 7 is better than XP!
As I put it Windows 7 has that ugly artwork and it really made me bored looking at that ugly logo now on the other hand Windows XPs logo and startup sound were great as for Bill Gates and his Motely crew they should have extended that support till 2018 or more.

JenniferArden 4 Jennifer

Im using XP Pro x64 and its a great o/s! I also play older games on it through DOSBox and works really well. Support for 32bit stuff is also very good!

RobertHDD 15 Posting Whiz in Training

I have to use cooperate edition of xp x64 but ya good enough

RobertHDD 15 Posting Whiz in Training

My mum says corporate xp editions not good but is she wrong?

Tcll 66 Posting Whiz in Training Featured Poster

My mum says corporate xp editions not good but is she wrong?

I can't answer that one... heh
I'd need to loearn how various distros work...

I do know corporate editions CAN be shady (I will never say they all are shady).

for what I know, XP64 is the most secure:
- unfinished ActiveX (no Active Desktop and poor quality support in IEx64)
- csrss.exe patch

and it supports GPT HDD format.

once XP64 goes open source, then we can have some REAL fun >:3
(make things much more secure and port DX11 support)
I might install XP64 on my laptop just to continue hacking this stuff :3

Tcll 66 Posting Whiz in Training Featured Poster

I freakin hate Daniweb's post edit timeout >.<

I'll talk about the IE flaw with all versions of windows later...
don't feel like typing that out again >_<

Tcll 66 Posting Whiz in Training Featured Poster

just tthought I'd post an update:

[2:41:47 AM] Diddy Kong:
[2:41:56 AM] Diddy Kong: google releases ANOTHER exploit in windows 8
[2:42:02 AM] Diddy Kong: microsoft gets butthurt at google
[10:28:31 AM] DarkPikachu: love the title XDD
ISIS hacks U.S. social media, Microsoft scolds Google, "Glorious Leader!" hacked
[10:28:52 AM] DarkPikachu: MS scolding google for finding a flaw MS has made XDD

Palebushman 8 Bush IT Poster

Tcll wrote:- I freakin hate Daniweb's post edit timeout >.<

Why don't you type out all you want to say in 'Notepad' and then when you are happy with the content, copy-n-paste from 'Notepad' into the 'Post' box here.
You're less prone to making mistakes this way too, as you don't get the feeling you have to rush to beat the timeout.
BTW, XP is still the best Microsoft OS to date.

Tcll 66 Posting Whiz in Training Featured Poster

Why don't you type out all you want to say in 'Notepad' and then when you are happy with the content, copy-n-paste from 'Notepad' into the 'Post' box here.

because I think of things to append to the post 5 minutes after I post...
it's part of my autism... heh

such as that IE flaw...
basically, anyone with an IE installation can have their compys compromised to the point of where someone else can view the files on your compy.
(not sure about copying or modifications)

this affected all versions of windows, but was patched in later versions...

luckily we have Comodo FW with HIPS to monitor and verify network intrusions :3
(doing the job of fixing what MS is supposed to, and refuses to fix)

BTW, XP is still the best Microsoft OS to date.

HTML Desktop BGs FTW ^_^

sadly, XP64 can't do this... this was the only cool thing about ActiveX -.-

that's ok though... I'm using Linux now and can use OpenGL as my desktop and window manager :3
3D workspace FTW ^_^

I'm actually writing a program to do this... heh
now I just need to turn it into minecraft and have chromium, VBox, and Notepad++ display in my minecraft world/house. :3

Reverend Jim 4,009 Hi, I'm Jim, one of DaniWeb's moderators. Moderator Featured Poster

If you use Markdown Pad instead of Notepad then you can see what the formatted post will look like.

Tcll commented: nice resource +4
AleMonteiro commented: really nice app +9
RobertHDD 15 Posting Whiz in Training

Oook so i got to installation page and its installation button being marked out cant click it! Im so annoyed!

Palebushman 8 Bush IT Poster

Reverend Jim wrote:- "If you use Markdown Pad instead of Notepad then you can see what the formatted post will look like."

Thanks for the heads up Reverend Jim That's a brilliant little program!

britnat 0 Newbie Poster

Quite fascinating to browse through the comments. Put together, illustrates the immensity of the challenge facing Microsoft. Don't know how many remember this, but XP was heralded as The New Technology that would Rule Everything. Sort of like The One Ring in LOTR. One could say XP acquired a life of its own, and now seeks to control its Master. Frankenstein's Monster?
Jokes aside, XP got a new lease of life when the Chinese Government told Microsoft that the 150 million government PCs running XP in China would NOT be upgraded, and if MS refused critical support for XP, the company should get out of the country.
Apart from that, Microsoft has always ignored the fact that the majority of users work in small to medium sized companies - the people that are never polled or used for research. Much easier to go to your big clients, and then cite their canned responses as "representative of the marketplace".
Lastly, what freaks users off is the continual change to non essentials - like the User Interface - while the core system - especially security - is still full of holes. As more than one comment remarks, it would have been better to fix XP, and think things through before rushing into an attempt to build a new “Master System” to control the mobile AND the Desktop environments.
All said and done, have a look at Windows 10 – it’s the closest Microsoft will ever come to apologizing – sort of like best of Win 7 with good old stuff from XP. And – guess what – runs legacy applications. Even the ones that refused to run on Win 8, no matter what “mode” you set the environment to. Now that will make millions of VB classic programmers very, very happy! And their customers!

RobertHDD 15 Posting Whiz in Training

Funny prank by flooding protesters saying BRING XP BACK!!!!!!!!

Tcll 66 Posting Whiz in Training Featured Poster

I won't ever trust Win10...
mainly due to that RAT... I can speculate it'll be there as well.

comon google, do ur stuff and find that RAT on Win10

if it's not, then I may consider it... but until then, I still consider MS to be a bunch of crazy monkeys who want control over everyone.

RobertHDD 15 Posting Whiz in Training

Like I said before XP is still my friend and microsoft is still stupid taking support down for it and shutting the OS down

RobertHDD 15 Posting Whiz in Training

tcll is right mainly 1 that 10 is buggy and crap 2 XP Still my favourite but im still stuck mainly ive migrated from 7 back to VISTA

johnruelle 2 Newbie Poster

I can't help but see a similarity between the old Y2K fear mongering that took place (planes crashing, elevators stalled, cats sleeping with dogs) and that of XP. It would be informative if someone could post the stats on all the devastating attacks that have taken place since MS pulled the plug on XP.

IMO, if one keeps an up todate image of their XP system, a rare attack would amount to less than an hour of inconvenience.

RobertHDD 15 Posting Whiz in Training

Your forgetting theirs no updates anymore so they can attack XP at any time

johnruelle 2 Newbie Poster're joking right? Gee, I didn't know MS stopped updating XP. I guess I should have stated in my post...."MS pulled the plug on XP".

Tcll 66 Posting Whiz in Training Featured Poster

you did make it sound like you weren't aware... heh

no harm meant by anything alright. :)

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