Anyone had any problems with Vista going to sleep. My computer reboots when I go to the shutdown menu and hit "sleep". Talked to MB people and they say they don't know of any problems. Nothing in Bios seems to address this situation, and tried all the different settings in Control Panel.
Config is MB = ABIT AB9-PRO, 500 gig disk, Raid0, 2gb ram, Intel Dual Core.
Vista is Vista Business. Brand new setup 6 months, never had xp on it.

Thanks for Reading this.

mine used to do something similar i would click sleep and it would shut down and the power light would flash then 30 secs later it would boot back up. I think it is something to do with bios settings check if wake on ... (lan ps2 mouse etc) is active that can cause it to do weird things. Update your bios to the latest revision.

Also, make sure you have installed the correct chipset drivers.

remove all usb devices (excpet mouse and keyboard) and external hdds before sleeping, and that should help. Also, perform ALL updates including bios ones to help with these types of problems. hope that helps