My computer keeps trying to download the automatic update for SP2 even though the computer thinks it is already installed. If you go to My Computer / Properties it says that SP2 is already installed, however when I try to install other programs such as Yahoo! Music Jukebox it says I need windows XP SP2 and the automatic update from Microsoft keeps trying to installed SP2 but says it cant because of some error. Is there a way to reinstall or fix it with the windows XP CD?
The CD is for XP SP2

Try and download and re-install the full service pack2 (search microsoft, i think its called "sp2 installer for IT professionals" or something like that.

That did not work, it came up with the same error.

is service pack 2 listed under add/remove programs?

i dont really want you to roll back to sp1 though, and reinstall. Its likely to break everything

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