I sent a graphic file to the recycle bin but when I tried to empty bin, I got a message that "Dc6 (nothing like the original name of the file!) could not be deleted as another person or program was using it. Close any other program that might be using it" On doing a search, Dc6 is the same file I am trying to delete and I can find no other program using it. How can I get rid of it please? This happened to me recently and a file Dc3 was then the problem...somehow at one point it was able to be removed but I have no idea how. I have run all my spyware, adware, virus programs but nothing helps.

Any ideas please? I am not that smart so any advice would have to be spelt out for me! Not like an answer I got from another forum that just said "Are you on a domain?" which did not help me at all! :o

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Thanks for that advice....I did not get a chance to try it as I used a great little program Dellater....worked perfectly!

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