I'm using Windows XP - everytime i restart my computer it makes a ticking noise in my tower and the computer can barely be used because it is so slow. I wait usually about 25 minutes until the ticking is done and it works fine (I have checked everything in my start up and nothing is there). It also occurs when i open "Add and/or Remove Programs" and it does the same process and occassionally when using the computer. Anyone have any ideas what this might be?

Open Control Panel/Admin Tools/Event viewer.
Look for red marks under System and application, let us know what they are if any.
Start in Safe mode and see if the problem persists.
Remove any CDs/DVDs or USB devices and see if that makes a difference.
Can you tell where the noise is coming from?

Under System there is about 300 Errors. Application seems fine, only about 8 errors.
I have another 5 drives on my computer in which i don't need but i don't know how to get rid of them. The only USB device i have in my computer at start-up is my USB driven mouse.
I'm not really too sure where the noise is coming from, sorry.
I might beable to open the computer up tomorrow and take a closer look if its really necessary.

What are the system errors? Just the general categories, like disk drive, etc.
I'm guessing, but it can't hurt to run chkdsk:
Enter cmd
At the Dos prompt:
chkdsk /f c:
You'll be asked of you want to run at reboot. Say yes, then reboot.
Note of any errors are picked up.