We have just setup a new exchange 2003 server in a new domain. There is an existing exchange server working within the same IP scheme but it is running on windows 2000 server and there is no room on the disk. The new server cannot send or receive even though we have an MX record from our ISP that manages our domain. We also couldn't do ADPrep from one domain to another. I hope someone out there can help us. The new exchange server is set up just like the old one but it won't route. HELP!!!


Have you got this sorted yet?

Not sure if you have done any or all of this on the server but you will need to have set up a recipient policy to receive Email and also a routing to forward Email to a smart host or vis DNS.
You may also need to set routing (open cmd prompt, type Route Print to list existing routes then add new ones. And don't forget to edit your firewall.
Hope this helps :-)

adprep doesn't run properly because there is another exchange server on there already
is it possible to backup the mail stores, remove the old exchange server and set the new one up, or do you actually need two separate exchange servers?