Yesterday, my computer was working just fine; I was playing a game of Warcraft 3 and all of a sudden, my monitor goes black and says "No Input Signal". I check the connection, and the cable is just fine. Afterwards, I decide to reboot my computer, but this did not help. In fact, my keyboard stopped responding as well (The caps/num/scroll lock lights did not light up when i pressed those buttons). As for my mouse, I cannot tell, but it probably does not work as well.

I have no idea what's wrong, so any help at all would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks!

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ok so i tried turning on my computer again, and the same thing was still occurring (no sound, video, mouse/keyboard not working) but after a while, my computer shutdown by itself and it started to smell like something was burning! Please hlp, Im afraid that my motherboard just got fried.


could be power supply ,you should be able to take the case apart and get a general idea of where the smell is coming from by sniffing around ,you may even be able to see the burnt item!!

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