I am running Win2K with all SP's and updates. System is 1.0g Intel P3 with 512 ram. While watching live Streaming Video on Window Media Player 9, system locks up solid. Key board is inactive-must hard boot. I have checked for all file associations (to my best ability) and all updates and Codec's for Media Player. Also, monitor will intermitently go black, like I reset it, for two-three sec's and come back on. No error mesg in Event Viewer. Video Card is NVida 64meg card. The drivers should be up to date. Any input as to trouble shooting would be appreciated.


Have you tried to play around with your performance settings within Windows media player or upgrading to the latest Media Player? Try using a different player also like DivX or Quicktime to see if that has any different effect. you could always try to re-install media player itself.

Hope that might throw some input.

needn't uninstall. Try registry clean. Before I encountered a similar problem, my computer running so slow, I used registry cleaner find 450 errors. Clean up registry can help you get high speed.


This site have some registry cleaners reviews, free scan. I bought one, very useful and easy to use.