I am trying to set desktop background on multiple machines. I can not change gpo to do it so want to run to machine. I just can not remember where to put bitmap to have it overwright existing backgound. I browse to user profile I want to change but stuck there. Is there another way to get a default bakground/wallper. thank you .

is it a Xp pro / windows server environment?

i think you can set it in group policy if thats the case, otherwise youll have to do some registry hacking

For the 98 kernel you just place the bitmap in Drive C:\Windows however, for the XP kernel, you put the file in any location and select the browse button under desktop properties. After clicking the browse button, find the file in the new window and select the open button.

Also, for both kernels, to make the background apply you need to right-click the desktop, select 'Properties' and click the 'Desktop' TAB. But do that after placing the file where you want.

As a reminder: for the XP kernel, the image can also be a jpeg.

he wants to do it centrally