I tried it.

Immediately after doing the Detect and Repair, the template thumbnails loaded fast.

After booting, it reverted to taking time to load, but now it takes time for only the first 12 templates.

One other clue: I didn't originally install this feature, because I didn't think I would ever use it. I installed it later because the course I teach uses it.

Glad it helped. Props to hughv for digging up an old guess. He solved the riddle on this one.


ignore this post

It is still taking time fir the first 12 templates to load.

Does anyone have a suggestion about the first twelve templates?

It is still taking three minutes before I can use the templates, unless I use the reverse-order click procedure, which still takes time.

Hey MidiMagic,

I used the workaround that hughv provided and it worked just fine. My problem is...about a week later when I went to use PowerPoint again, my design templates were loading slowly again. Arrrg! His solution worked, but not permanently. I think the problem is with my computer and not with his workaround. He was the first person to actually solve this problem. I'll keep looking for a solution and I'll post it if I figure it out. Sorry I'm no help at the moment.


Hallelujah!!! An answer to the problem....I followed the advice about the Detect and Repair steps and Voila! - instant template loads. Thank you to all who had the tenacity to find the root cause and not tapdance around with the usual help desk blather.

It worked once for me. Then they started loading slow again the next time I booted.

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