Im running vista ultimate x86.
XFX Nvidia GF7900GT with 160.03 drivers (and ive used other drivers with the same problem)

Whenever my computer disables (turns off) the monitor to powersave (after the screensaver being on for an hour) , it displays greenish diagonal lines across the screen with no way to get by them to see the screen clearly again. Im forced to not use powersaving, which is a pain for me, and not the best for my monitor. Ive supplied a screenshot, any help is greatly appreciated.

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I have bfg 7900gt and it doesnt do that with vista home prem x86

My video card fans run at full rpm though, its sound loud. I choose to use xp, its better.


any suggestions?

note that the green screen is just the login screen asking for my password after ive activated the computer from idle, but its just...well.... F'ed up.


i found a way to automatically trigger the perviously mentioned screen, all i have to do is change the refresh rate from 60 to 75......could it be the monitor doing this ? Any help again, is appreciated.

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