Often, we want to access to word,powerpoint or excel. We click start -> all programs -> microsoft office -> choose word,ppoint or excel.

My friend's computer does not show it. Anybody knows how to find and add these to start menu. Please advise

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If you locate the executables (e.g. C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12) simply right-click + drag theem onto the start menu and into the location you want. you can then set it as a shortcut

I'll meet my friend on Mon. I'll follow your instructions to see whether it works on his laptop and I'll let ya know the result right after that. Thanks

The real problem is usually that someone has dragged the icons to the desktop, then later deleted them. Now they are gone.

Be sure to COPY icons when you put them somewhere, rather than moving them.

I think it was right. I did it before and got benifit.

They made a change in Windows that removed the protection from dragging the icons out of the start menu. They used to be protected from change, but they are no longer protected.

It is always safer to copy the shortcuts.

It's been solved by dragging these shortcuts into start menu. My question is what happens if those shortcuts have been deleted. How can we find them?

well a shortcut is just that. a shortcut to some application, so if it has been deleted you need to simply replace the shorcut. you don't need to find the shortcut, but the actual application to replace them. if you are lucky enough to have other shortcuts lying around you can have a look at the "target" should be in the properties.

for me personally, finding the application is just a matter of crawling the usual suspects (i.e. C:\, C:\Program Files etc...). usually there is a company name as a folder (blah blah blah... i'm sure you get the point). if it is in an obscure location and you can't seem to find it (e.g. google chrome) look it up on google.

It seems you haven't faced my situation. I know google is the best place to look for needed info. Thanks anyway

Find the original program's exe file, right click, and select Create Shortcut. It will be created in the same folder. Then drag the shortcut where you want it. Repeat for more shortcuts.

This works best in Windows Explorer with the Folders pane open.

if the shortcut has been deleted from desktop you can always replace it by going back to the application whereever you saved it, you right click on the application then you select send to, then you select desktop (create shortcut), and voila its replaced, and from there you can move it to anywhere you like.

Thanks MidiMagic and uthman4u2nv for guiding me. I have tried and it does work.

Thanks again.

right click the start menu > go to it's properties and you can find here to add the program to start menu that you want...

I have accessed to the properties of start menu, but I can't find me. Pls guide me step by step to find it out. Thanks

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