" there is a file or folderon your computer called"c:\program" which could cause certain applications to not function correctly.renaming it to "c:\program2" would you like to rename it now?"

it asks for renaming or to ignore

this is the error i am getting when i start the system.

pls guide me in this regard.

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Do not change that folder name, causing this result in failure or malfunction in Windows.

The folder named 'Program Files' is Windows Root folder where it installs and create registry paths for programs.


He doesn't seem to be talking about Program Files. He mentions a folder called "C:/Program".
What is in this folder? Where did it come from?
If you created it, I see no problem with renaming it.


you can delete the folder som trojan program tries to install on your pc, with the intention to crash it, that why windows gives you that message. delete and scan for spyware/virus

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