I don't know where I should put this so I apologize if this is the wrong section.

I have a ISO that I have created to store my business data, applications and documents.

What I want is to password protect the CD. Just to keep unwanted eyes off my data. I realize that it will not protect from someone who is determined, but just the same.

Any Ideas? From editing the autorun to a ISO creation program. I'm open.

(by the way the disk includes both BART DOS startup, Hiren's bootable disk< and Regular Data, with an autorun program)

Much thanks in advanced!!!

Magic ISO and PowerISO will password protect an actual image file, but not the access to the disk.

And I simi-want the auto-run and bootable part to be password protected. although I quit looking at this rout because of it I will look again. I may lock the files needed to access the program and fengle my way around. Zelkea I will look thru those programs

Thanks all!

So, you want to make it possible not even to open the thing if mounted? If you want that, you may as well zip it in a rar archive and password protect that. Use Winrar to do this.

Weird thing to ask for I know. You can encrypt a thumb drive right? I don't know exactly how to go about this. Ya a self extracting .rar archive of winxip would work. its an idea.

Ya i've got a few just the bootable CD is what we use everyday and they constantly get lost. you can understand right?

One easy way is to upload this data to an online storage site and password protect it there. it is safe and only be accessed with the password.