Here is an odd one.

One of our users has to resize some of the columns of the same Excel spreadsheet every time he opens it.

This spreadsheet is updated by one person in our Planning department. The rest of the company has read only writes to it. When I open this spreadsheet the layout is fine. The person updating the spreadsheet has got all the columns formatted and sized OK. However when this one user (there could be others that haven't said anything) opens the spreadsheet several of the columns are sized too small to see the information and he has to resize them.

From what I can tell are all running the same operating system and the same version of Office 2003.

Any ideas?

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maybe this person is looking at the page with zoom on, or the default fonts or option for excel is set differently. check the default font on your pc, then check the zoom (what zoom % you are veiwing in0 then match this person pc to the same settings. also the desktop size and font can also affect how programs are displayed on the screen


Thanks, bobbyraw. I tried the zoom and font settings already but desktop size may be a factor. We have been replacing a lot of our old PC's and the new once have the wide screen monitors. I haven't seen what this person is running because the ticket was assigned to one of our technicians. I still have an older monitor.


Look for the following:

- Two versions of the file in different folders.

- A cached version of the file.

- A macro intended for a different spreadsheet is running when Excel opens.

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