I recently installed the language packs...if you don't know what I mean, right click this page and pick "encoding", then go to "More", and attempt to click "Simplified Chinese" or something of the sort. It should prompt you to download/install language packs to view the font. (This might not work on this page specifically, I was reading a chinese text page.)

Anyway, I installed that, and now I want to uninstall it, because it's messed up some of my settings. But there is no place to show where to uninstall it, I've checked the Add/Remove Programs menu, as well as the Regional and Language menu. Nothing. Any ideas to how I could get rid of this?

Note: I even tried deleting the files that it installed, after I cut them from the folder, for some reason windows re-copies the files I just cut and places them back in there. It must be some sort of protection on the system32 folder.

did you ever get a solution to this as i have exactly the same prob :(

Hey there,I had a similar problem and this solution might resolve this for you!

Go to start,settings,control panel,regional settings,in the general tab at the bottom remove the particular language for e.g. chinese. Reboot your pc. Then go to IE6, View menu, encoding,more and then choose chinese language again.This will reinstall the language files again (you will need an operating system cd for this).You should then be able to choose from the encoding option the particular language.

P.S. You also need to add the language again under keyboard settings in the control panel.

Hope this solves it! :eek: